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All About The Addison Post

The Addison Post was formed in July of 1967 by our founder, Oakley Hayes Sr.

Oakley had worked many jobs in his younger years but always dreamed of owning his own business someday. Having sold advertising and his experience running the presses at the “Valley Dollar Saver”, Oakley felt he was now ready to venture out on his own. While on his sales route traveling in Addison, NY for the Dollar Saver, he was approached by local businessmen, Milton Crane and Roy Kennedy asking him if he was interested in starting up a weekly newspaper in Addison. The “Addison Advertiser” had been gone for some time, and Milton and Roy were willing to back Oakley in his new business venture. After some thought and lots of prayers, Oakley signed the Corporation papers on July 13, 1967 establishing “The Addison Post” as a weekly newspaper.

His wife, Mary Jane, and his three children; Dawn, Oakley Jr., and Debbie all have worked at the paper over the years and the children remain as stockholders in the corporation, which is headed by editor/publisher Oakley Jr.

The Addison Post Today

Today, the Addison Post continues to thrive after 45 years, thanks be to God and the many blessings he has bestowed upon it.

We continue to publish the Addison Post weekly with a circulation of over 6,400 informing Addison and the many rural communities in its vicinity of all the local news and happenings in their areas.

Oakley Sr., our beloved founder, husband, and father went to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ on October 15, 2011, but his legacy in Addison will continue here forever!

We would like to say, thanks Dad, we are forever grateful of what you’ve created for us and the Village of Addison. You worked hard, played little, but were definitely ahead of your time. A dreamer, perhaps; a realist, you could say; but most importantly, an inspiration to all who crossed your path!
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